[VDK4CP] For a Stronger Netherlands!

Day 4,546, 05:37 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Henry Ackerman

Citizens of the Netherlands,

Today, I wish to officially announce the candidacy of Van Der Kaczy for next term's Country Presidency. My name is Henry Ackerman, and I am VDK's campaign spokesperson. This task was handed to me after my recent media activity, and I will assume the role of government spokesperson as well once the presidential candidate is elected. What this new role precisely entails, I will elaborate later in this article.

First allow me to introduce the presidential ticket:

Country President: Van Der Kaczy (ReL)
Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs: theirina (ReL)

Minister of Defense: Shawtyl0w (DemNL)
State Secretary of Defense: flo rida20 (DemNL)
State Secretary of Defense: europecrisseswar (ReL)

Minister of Finance: NoTie112 (ReL)

Minister of Home Affairs and Government Spokesperson: Henry Ackerman (DemNL)

As you can see the team consists of longer active individuals and those who -like myself- have recently returned from a period of inactivity and are now looking to get up to speed in this country's wonderful and vibrant political climate.

The May Programme
We have all witnessed the first Asteria/Hydra operation against CODE since our switch to our wonderful new alliance!
This team's focus will be to continue the close coordination with our allies, and even improving communication with them so we can react swiftly and decisively against our common enemy.

The current war effort is expectedly affecting our nation's treasury, so the Minister of Finance will reorganise the economy. The Ministry of Finance has over time become one of the most elaborate Ministries of the eNetherlands, with numerous Programs to help both our citizens and principles of transparency. During the next term, attention will be given to keep it all understandable and simple, yet efficient. In addition, the Programs will be reviewed, including the Military Programs in an attempt to align every mechanism in eDutch Government. With the collective initiatives of the entire Government, more efficiency can be achieved by utilising the ''Monetary Market'' for the betterment of Programs, as well as a speedy construction of more Communes for our ever-growing nation military-wise.

Shawtyl0w, the fearless Commander of the Dutch Armed Forces will continue to mobilise the strongest warriors and pilots of our nation and coordinate their firepower over the several campaigns that are yet to come in the next month. As this needs to happen next to the continued running of the National Defense Programs -The Flying Dutchman and Green Beret-, he will have the assistance of two State Secretaries. Furthermore the President and the Minister of Defense will closely examine the possibility to add the DAF Daily Order program as an official government program.

As for me, I will take charge of keeping the public informed -but especially more involved in the administration's decision making. This will be done by publishing articles in which your opinion will be asked in the comment section. I will also scout for possible rewards for civil participation through a government program.

The choice for this new position was made due to the busy nature government officials experience nowadays. Members of the administration are up in the air running the government programs, organising Training Wars, and reacting to potential threats, that the most important task -informing the public- is sometimes overlooked. My job will, thus, be to gather all the latest updates from my colleagues and publish them as frequently as possible in a government newspaper.

We live in thriving times. Together with our fantastic allies we have the upper hand against our enemies. These Low Countries are aiming high!! Let us march forward, becoming only stronger and stronger! Let us stand for mutual cooperation based on the notion of equality as opposed to coercing and throwing allied nations under the bus.

Hail The Netherlands! Hail Hydra! Hail Asteria!

Singed, on behalf of TeamVDK

Henry Ackerman
Campaign Spokesperson