♔ Structure of the Swiss Monarchy ♔

Day 4,539, 14:25 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Cardinal Ignatius Hohenstaufen

Dear Swiss friends and subjects of the Kingdom.

By special mandate of our King, His Highness Sheldon I. I comply in informing you of the update of titles of the Swiss nobility, and also the scope and information on the respective titles in the institutional framework of the Monarchy of Switzerland.

♔ Archdukes are the regents (King's hand) in office of the country's presidency and members of ARS.

♔ The dukes are relevant personalities of the Swiss community who have demonstrated loyalty to the Kingdom of Switzerland, prioritizing the sublime interests of our beloved Switzerland over the individual interests serving to improve our community and extolling institutional maturity as a prospective and sublime preamble to our values.

♔ The Marquises are dedicated to specific functions within the monarchical institution. It is a recognition of the King to the work in pursuit of the strengthening and administration of the monarchical institution. Its function is to update the titles of Nobility, suggest titles for relevant personalities of our community, establish functions in the Court, and suggest and coordinate the extension in quality and quantity of heraldic titles.
Prepare hearings and establish the protocols in the diplomatic receptions with the King and the recognition of the representatives of different royal houses.

♔ The counts are members of ARS who exercise their functions within the Royal Council that administer party politics and each and every one of its programs, its extensions, its participants, and its permanent updating. The natural head of the Royal Council is our King, His Majesty Sheldon I, and the Counts and Countesses.

♔ Knights. Knights are new members of ARS. They receive the protocol treatment of "Sir" and are natural applicants to be Counts and then members of the royal Council with all the prerogatives and privileges of such a sublime function.

♔ Barons: The recognition of the King, with the procedures of rigor, to the ambassadors accredited in Switzerland, and of the Swiss Nobles who are accredited abroad in representation of Switzerland.

Structure of the Swiss Monarchy:

♔ King- His Majesty, Royal Highness Sheldon I. House Cooper, First of His name, King of 26 Cantons, High Lord of Bern, Patriarch of Swiss nation


♔ Rican. Duke of Geneva.
♔ Tim Buctu. Duke of Bellinzona
♔ Vincent Rekdal. Duke of Lugano


♔ Cardinal Ignatius Hohenstaufen. Marquess of Schaffhausen

♔ The Inspector - Count of St Moritz
♔ Cardinal Ignatius Hohenstaufen - Count of Aargau
♔ Arrya- Count of Jura

♔ Sir Byzantine warrior

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Royal and loyal,

♔ This article was approved by His Majesty King Sheldon I ♔