The Robot Report

Day 4,531, 14:06 Published in Canada Netherlands by Eduard Douwes Dekker

Hello my little robots. Chopp here, your Serbian PTOer.

It's been a long time since I wrote an article, 723 days to be exact, and even my last article was not really an article. More like 2 pictures and five words. So... My apologies in advance if this article does not turn out to be as good as you deserve.

2 months ago our Mann551 with our supported started a coup to get his dictator medal. After Mann it is Dill who got his medal and now it is my turn if you have nothing against it. I hope it is fine with you cuz after long 11 years in the game I have done it all and I need something to shake me up a bit now. My goal was never this medal but I run out of goals recently so I hope this will wake me up from hibernation 😃
Here I am, you humble dictator.

Edit: Oh yeah. I promise a little give away when I finish my medals and of course refund all medals for Congress people. I forgot about this 2 little things 😃

Our last Dictator always shared a video with us in his articles so will I.
I really like this one. Enjoy.

I can promise you only one thing. I'll do my best, like always. That's it.
Thank you.

Your robot,
Chopp dks