The USWP Presidential Nomination is...

Day 4,517, 16:10 Published in USA USA by Malpazar

After some significant deliberation there came a consensus on who USWP plans to support in the upcoming election. There was a lot to consider, Baby Groot's leadership, engagement, and administration certainly warrants a third term. I personally have seen him single-handedly rip an enemy tank in half on the battlefield, with nothing but roots.

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But Paul Proteus' announcement was a bit of a shock at least to me. I mean they flat out say they do not expect to win right in the announcement. I certainly wasn't expecting this and I have a sneaking suspicion Paul didn't either.

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It was a difficult decision, no doubt.

But nonetheless, USWP has chosen their nominee.

Well, without wasting much time, Let's Do This.

Congratulations Paul Proteus!!

I wish both candidates luck in this upcoming race. Both are very good candidates.

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