Day 4,517, 13:55 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Cardinal Ignatius Hohenstaufen

Dear Swiss friends:

As a Swiss Political Party we want to thank the enormous displays of support and political maturity of our true political leaders who have risen to the occasion protecting our beloved Switzerland from defamation and the creation of scenarios to destabilize our political system. Seriousness, honesty of purpose and efficient projection of government policies have triumphed over buffoonery and the lack of proposals.

We appreciate the political support of the Swiss Social Democratic Party, its PP, 333oraNNN, and its staff and each and every one of its members.

We appreciate the political support of the Lugangeles Party, its PP, Tim Buctu, and its staff and each and every one of its members.

Both The Lugangeles Party and the Swiss Social Democratic Party accompany and support us in the presentation of Terry Benedictt as candidate for the Presidency of Switzerland in the mature intention of continuing the creation of sustainable and superior policies for our beloved Switzerland.

Terry has comfortably proven his ability as a CP and with his pragmatic style, and it is a pride for Switzerland that he represents us in the Presidency.

We appreciate the magnificent government management of our President Lady Blue, and to all the members of her Government team, Ministers and Vice Ministers, advisers. She will not continue with another term at the head of the Presidency but she has laid the foundations and structured an orderly and meticulous system of government that allows us to project infinite good things for our Switzerland.

We know that we have the support of the majority of Swiss friends and they know that they are always included in the search for consensus, and of all the best, highlighting the values of Unity, Order over Chaos, and the constant search for common benefit.

We are happy that SDP and the Lugangeles Party have once again shown their trust and will also continue to support us with members who will be in our future cabinet and that we hope that they will also be candidates for CP soon, and we will fully support them.

Thank you all!

Royal and Loyal;