REPORT - We found the anonymous patrons of erecraplik

Day 4,513, 06:27 Published in Greece Greece by N4zGuL

Hey there readers,

It is true our media team has been silent but trust me when i say we have been really busy.
Our main reporting focus was to support our great POTUS Donald Trump and his hair salon buddy Boris to prove to the world that COVID is just a dirty trick from Hillary and there is no issue at all. That is all corrupted media propaganda to kill our beautiful economies.

But silently a small media task force has been working day and night to unravel another mystery.
Who are these amazing token sellers that came together - regulating prices at an amazing accuracy rate and make sure always - ALWAYS there is available tokens for our freeloader friends around the e-world.

1. George Soros
A mega patron of Erecraplik who has dedicated his life to destroy Hungary and protect the interest of minorities and the poor. Especially GPSS .

2. Jacob Rothchild
One of the key figures behind the successful economy of erecraplik.
Rumor has it he has fixed it numerous times.
Always willing to help it regulate itself . For the greater good and putting aside the families interests.

3.Bill Gates
The man behind the state of the art programming of erecraplik always feels obliged to support this exciting platform and pour some millions to develop it even further. Rumors that he secretly plotted to bring down a competitive tool to ensure monopoly for GPSS affiliated sites is totally fake.
It is also completely unsubstantiated that some of his affiliated GPSS developed tools were indeed linked to farming bits through clients pcs.

4.Mark Zuckerberg.
The genius behind the stay at home challenge. His creativity and innovative approach have always been the secret hand guiding the success of the developing team of erecraplik.

5. Michael Bloomberg.
Running the erecraplik media office for years he has been a leading figure among the billionaires supporting the token market of erecraplik. For the past few years he even endorsed with hundreds of millions of his OWN dollars some quality livestreams that bring the community together creating amazing content scaling from PYRAMIDS to crapcontests. Rumors that his media broadcasts were a qualitative reflection of the erecraplik administration are lacking foundation.


Always in the shadows but we know that his long third arm (after his THAI experience with Nukes) is there . Secretly protecting us and making sure we always get what we deserve including TOKENS!

Our experts came across with some exclusive pictures of him

Editors note.