[ARS] Proposed Congressional Representation

Day 4,508, 06:08 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Cardinal Ignatius Hohenstaufen

Dear Swiss friends:

Through this newspaper we will communicate news about our Party, and about the Monarchy and it will be a channel to strengthen our communication both as a political party and as a Monarchy as an institution.

Our party represents and upholds the parliamentary monarchical tradition as a form of Government, strengthening the form of State that our laws stipulate. Our mission is to promote Swiss active participation, efficiency, order and above all communication with transparency and dedication so that each Swiss is aware of our community life and no one ever feels left out.

The impressive growth of our party and political family is by no means accidental. It is the result of the effort and dedication of experienced leaders who have structured, following the directives of our King Sheldon I, a systematic plan of inclusion and political instruction, so that the new political cadres are endowed with the skills to perform in different areas of the Government, Parliament, and internally in the Royal Court, devising programs and policies aimed at well-being and to position our Kingdom in excellence and in the care of human values, respect, fraternity, and teamwork.

Thus, each party member has the opportunity to educate himself politically, not in a competitive, but cooperative sense, where the only competition is with oneself so that we reach our best version, and this, extended to the Government and to all areas and modules.

All those members of our party who wish to embrace the service of politics have opportunities, political instruction, guidance on our laws, and support programs that help prevent discouragement and lessen participation and commitment in our community.

Our party has a very active discussion forum under the leadership of our King, where the creativity and skills of each member are carefully taken into account. We know that we must take care of the seeds of our Switzerland. And so each topic has the final decision that takes into account the best of each one.

Is this possible? Is it an exaggeration? The answer is simple: the impressive growth of our party and the active dedication of all is the most sublime proof that the ideas with which our King Sheldon I devised our space are bearing fruit, and many of them unimagined.

Could this have been possible without the expert and pragmatic vision of one of our great leaders like Terry Benedictt? Of course not! Today, as King's peerage, he is a fundamental column of our party, as a political academy and manager of everything good for Switzerland.

Does it seem incredible to you? Come and see, our Royal House and our party are not exclusive, the doors are open and the round table is served and is for everyone and with everyone.

We want to propose you our list of candidates to occupy seats in our Honorable Parliament and to invite you to join our project with your vote, your creativity and with your membership:

-Terry Benedictt
-Sheldon the Mad Scientist
-Cardinal Ignatius Hohenstaufen
-cheeeky pereyra
-Byzantine warrior

Thank you to all the members of our political family for making every day a reality, each one from his place and with his commitments, that dream of a party that forges values and a political university of everything good for our beloved Switzerland.
Royal and Loyal,

This article was approved by His Majesty King Sheldon I♔