[CP] Operation Sleeping Soul

Day 4,503, 23:25 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Het Catshuis

Greetings citizens of the eNetherlands,

the war is (hopefully) finally done, and while the back-to-the-normal-restoration efforts will continue for a while, it is time for a short recap.

As most of the modern tragedies of eWorld outside Balkan, it all started with the UK. For months, UK has been under the semi-willing occupation of the CODE, and as we speak now, the situation remains unchanged, even though the color palette of CODE in UK now copies the 50 Shades of Purple (which, actually does not look THAT bad, if you forget those are CODE countries).

Either way, as Netherlands, we have participated in the allied efforts of Bulgaria, UAE and Peru driving out the last remnants of CODE (I mean, the last remnants of CODE were out before we managed to cross the Channel, but nobody needs to remember that) and set up a new Training War with our fellow friends of UK near our borders. The things there were a bit rocky, due to constant shifts of battles (and certain UK citizens willing to screw their own government and "help" NL to take as much UK land as possible - for which I would like to thank, as it makes for a good historical screenshots).

Either way, as soon as things were starting to stabilize, CODE has decided to abandon everything else, and focus on forcing their will back onto the UK. For Netherlands, this meant two airstrikes, which were launched on us directly: Slovenia and South Korea - both countries of much bigger strength and firepower than Netherlands. We knew that on our own, and with our allies being subjucated to more nasty attacks, we have little chance to prevail. Yet, we did not give up!


In the battle against Slovenia itself, we had a tremendous support from both our soldiers and our allies, to which we send a huge thanks! It was not enough to stop Slovenia (who, despite their strength, had to call to their big brothers of Croatia and Colin Bot Company to handle all aerial, and some ground rounds too), but we have shown them we are a nation with fighting spirit, and we will not get so easily discouraged and bullied by Big Bad Boyz. As it tends up with our real battles lately, several epics were conducted in the battle, drawing the attention of the entire world to us once again.


Either way, CODE has started to pour onto UK from all sides, and our time there has been running short. Yet, the South Korean Airstrike was still hanging on, with it's goal to be aimed in the remaining UK territories as well. Yet, in a matter of hilarious coordination of CODE forces (assuming the South Korean Airstrike has even been coordinated with their allies in the first place), South Korea failed to achieve that goal, as we managed to escape from the "hell broken loose" UK sooner, than they managed to aim their plane there. And so instead of landing in London, the South Korea has been forced to follow the eRep autopilot feature (which I did not even know existed before), which determinated the next target to be the furthest away from London as possible...

As observeable by the picture itself, Egypt is already a bit crowded though, and we did not want for South Korea to wait in that long queue. So, we did few moves during next two days and removed Upper Egypt from the equation, letting the target of South Korean Airlines to be once again drawn out of Plato's hat of tricks. This time, with a chance of 75% percent, the eRepublik finally found out one of our free regions: our capital itself.

Bull's eye - the government managed to put the capital itself under the threat! How do all my Presidencies always end up with disasters lke these, I truly wonder. Ehem... Either way, by the time the Airstrike has finally materialized, it was pretty much pointless. There was no way for South Korea to get into UK, and they had their own issues in the cores and their few remaining TWs near the Mexican border. And if they landed in our capital, they would be removed soon anyway. Effectively, an Airstrike wasted.


Either way, with all that, Operaton Sleeping Soul has been concluded, and soon we will hopefully return back to normal. Once again, we would like to thank very much our allies, for being part of this adventure, as well as our soldiers, who have once again proven their growing strength. Special thanks goes to our Minister of Defense, who can now finally go ctach up all the sleep he has lost during last few days (meaning - I presume - that we will see him back on Monday). And as for UK - maybe in the far future, we will return back again 😉 .

Janty F
The concerned Country President of eNetherlands