[CP] DAF Week of Daily Order

Day 4,498, 01:59 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Het Catshuis

Greetings citizens of the eNetherlands,

for this month, the government has decided to focus a small part of the budget on supporting members of our national MU, Dutch Armed Forces, and especially those members, who follow orders and regularly fight in battles set up by MU Commanders, therefore helping Netherlands in the process.

If you are not a member of our national MU and you want to join in, do so here:


Starting next week change on Tuesday, we will be introducing the "Week of Daily Order". Dutch citizens, who will manage to fulfill their Daily Orders during the entire week (= will have 7, or 6 Daily Orders completed at the end of the next week) will receive a small monetary subsidy for their participation. The data will be collected and rewards will be distributed by selected Commanders of DAF 🙂 . The exact size of the subsidy will be based on the amount of players, who will fulfill the criteria, the estimated amount is around 2 000 cc per person (= slightly below 300 cc per finished DO).

Based on the remaining budget, this event might be continuing for the remaining weeks of this term as well.

Let us know your feedback on this event in the comments!

Janty F
The concerned Country President of eNetherlands