How much do you think we are value for erepublik?

Day 4,475, 16:14 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by ltandehui

You should know that the next questions have a purpose to evaluate and diagnose the value of you and me in erepublik.

With a bad state and pain I write from the depths of my being the next words!
I feel that I am worth nothing here, time and euros invested; ruined by the lack of service and attention to my ticket that had words of urgency and help. There is a part of me destroyed by the erepublik staff! causing a disorientation in my thinking with ideas that are affecting my health ... I can not stand the pain caused!

How much is your account value?

How much time is spent in erepublik?

Do you know in what hands your euros are deposited and time spent?

Do you think that the staff and administration of erepublik cares about your health and emotional state?

If you suffer a health damage, caused by the staff, would you respond to erepublik?

Do you sympathize to support me and get a types change of staff in the service and other items of the erepublik system??


Editado 23/02/2020