WINNERS of the Great Gold Contest!

Day 4,465, 06:34 Published in USA USA by Malpazar

Congratulations everyone! Thank you for your submissions. What started off as a somewhat anger filled rant turned into something I actually had fun with. I enjoyed the response I got from the community, and would like to thank everyone.
I apologize for the delay, I already had a draft saved but could not access it on the weekend. With that out of the way, our winners.

1st Place - 50 Gold

Jacob Ferguson

I found Jacob had a very insightful comment, staying around does in some way encourage newcomers to actually pick the game up and start playing.

"We need everyone with any experience with the game to provide their insight and support for the new eUSA citizens so that this game we're a part of doesn't die off of inactivity. But as has been said before, if you don't enjoy this game anymore, take a break or step away. It's only a game after all, it shouldn't stress you any."

2nd Place - 20 Gold


I got a chuckle out of this one, I joke a lot like this in my real life occupation as something that we are doing.

"You should keep playing this game because it has infinite potential to spread American democracy throughout the e-world."

3rd Place - 10 Gold


The 3rd place spot was a struggle, I really like two other comments that I plan to put below as honorable mentions, but I did sit back reading that and thinking to myself, "Hey this fella may be on to something."

"becouse u have the cance to do more contest and find out why u already spend so mutch time here until now 😃"

Honorable Mentions

Just wanted to shout out two other folks!


I really liked the cynicism of your comment, and it was hard to place 3rd because of this. I think I will do as you suggest because people have spent a lot of time playing this browser game.

"keep playing to make fun of all of the losers that are still playing the game, like us."


Shout out to Rumble2, a new player to the game. Thanks for keeping it all in perspective.

"Cause if you leave others will follow ... then how will new people like myself be able to learn the game or understand the game when all the vets are leaving !!!"

So? You may be asking, "are you going to keep playing or not?" Well honestly doing this short little contest was actually pretty fun for me and I started thinking, what if I did this every so often. Maybe asking different questions, promoting writing contests (less response likely), or maybe even running some riddle type thing. I am starting to think Malpazar's Muses would make a good title for a game show. What do you think?

Again congratulations to the winners! Expect your money as quickly as I can donate it.