When you forget.. smth like 10 years on eRep :D

Day 4,445, 20:00 Published in Ireland Croatia by Rabbit of Caerbannog

Dear ppl of eIreland (and wider),

I had to react on 1 msg.. I got it from a very dear player, and I was left like this 😮

Just looked, first account "Date of birth Dec 29, 2009" missed my 10 year erep birthday xD

So try to guess who it is 😃
First one who puts correct answer will get a little prize 😉
(old acc link required)

Also @XYX,
I wish you happy 10 eYears, this is a true accomplishment!
And from my point if view, if you didn't stay here so long, probably we would never met. So tnx also for your persistence and endurance, as I'm very happy to know you 😉

And as a little gift from me, I offer this cake recipe:

'Cake for those who forget their own 10 years anniversary'

4 eggs (6 smaller)
100gr of Butter (melted, or switch with 1dl of oil)
200gr Dark chocholate (melted over hot water, with little bit of butter)
Brown sugar (3 spoons)
2 spoons of flour (can be switched with grinded almonds or nuts)
5gr baking powder or baking soda
3 spoons of cocoa/nesquick

+ Blackberry, blueberry or some other tasty jam
+ Cream (whipped) 500ml

0. Preheat the oven at 180 degrees, prepare baking pan
1. Separate eggs, mix first eggs white in 1 bigger bowl, with a pinch of salt
2. Mix rest of eggs (yolks) with brown sugar, then add other 'wet' ingredients. Optional is a bit of rum or almond liqueur.
3. Mix dry ingredients in separate bowl and add them to the 2.
4. Snow from egg white mix by hand, easily, to the 2.
5. Put into cake baking pan, and bake for 35-40 minutes.
6. Dough will rise at some point, is normal, no worries. Later goes down, after cooling.
7. When done, take out and put jam on top, best if some 0.5/1cm tick
8. Mix the cream and put on top
9. Put to the fridge for some 2h minimum
10. Enjoy and celebrate your 10 years of eRepublik 🤗