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Day 4,444, 11:25 Published in Ireland Ireland by Releasethe Krakken

Actually only 1. in the past one ran in a region for congress. then it was made proportional. meaning a party got seats based on the percentage of voters he got usually the people who is in the party. yet if for some reason you were in region x on day y and region x is lost between day y and the election day you lose your chance to be a part of congress.

most of the time one does not actually know where one r where when one applied for congress and if like me you dont follow every war it happens that on the day of the election you discover your not a part of congress.

which is totally unfair because

1. its proportional.
2. like i pointed out nobody keep tracks of where they where when they applied for congress. there is no system message telling you to shift regions and reapply.
3. its redundant. whilst there are regions there can be congress. but that is how far the region goes its totally illogical from a programming perspective to still marry region applied to congress participation.

4. stuffs

im now so angry im going to play music only i can understand
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You would probably like this song even if you dont understand the language 😛