How Plato decided to help Assteria

Day 4,433, 02:56 Published in Croatia Croatia by Romper 3

After one of the Serbian tanks got frustrated about some platos move, he openly spoke about how plato directly or indirectly helps assteria.

Why did i say directly or indirectly, simply because he admited assteria is buying packs for much cheaper price and if we want to reach the point where we are superior again we will have to waste more euros (he laughs)..

Directly or indirectly, because we are not sure if it is plato that is putting cheap tokens on the market or they (multies) are simply buying tokens with fake CC and then selling them cheap to their tanks - fake cc laundering at its best.

(it happens always few days before packs)

it also happened 1 day before big croatia-serbia war where serbian tank himself admitted some of them bought tons of candies and packs using fake tokens..

here is graf proving it.

Price went down
22.11 (few days before MP and BP)
29.11 (1 day before ser-cro war)
21.12 (few days before MP and BP)

so we urge admins and plato to stop helping one side directly or indirectly, if plato directly didnt have his hands in this bs, than he should ban the ones that were cheating this way and stop helping them indirectly by ignoring this matter.

This is actually big fraud, because some of the people wasted euros to fight people that cheated and used fake money/cc/candies/packs.

I expect big amount of serbs and big amount of serbian tanks in comments, cuz they found themselves in this article EDIT - DAMN I WAS RIGHT WITH THIS ONE LOL

P.S do not delete this article because this is nothing but Warfare analysis, where i analyzed one side and the way they buy packs, tokens, candies etc