[CP] Dry January

Day 4,432, 07:41 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by 10 Downing Street

State of the Empire, day 4,432

*distant gunshot*

Afternoon gents o/,

Few updates to go through so I’ll try and keep things brief(ish). Cheers to mwc for the bruising election! Appears the Alfa smears of electing putin and maybot was just enough to get it in the bag myself...

Paul Tyndale joins cabinet as vCP and wingfield shifts to the Foreign Office for the month o7

The Books: 4,313-4,431

Government Organisations: £6,588,309.40 & 1,039.96G
BoE Trust Profits: £432,398.55‬ over 6 citizens (+£172,959.42 gov share)

Tax Income
Work as Manager - £379,395
Value Added Tax - £118,240
Import Tax - £102,400
Work Tax - £49,473
Medals - £19,806
Treasury Donations - £668

Cities Subsidy

I’ve prodded Hungary for the £163,996 owed. Any suggestions on what to actually spend it on…. would be appreciated 😛

Scotland/Turkish DoW

Portugal proposed a NE on Turkey yesterday. This prompted a request to temporarily release Scotland and cut off the border with Newfoundland.

We’ve now liberated Scotland and are waiting for Turkey’s DoW to shift them back where we can propose peace and enjoy maximum weapons productivity again.

This doesn’t really solve the original cause of Portugal sitting in Canada but that is not our problem to solve.

Dispatches from Mongress

Alfa has stepped down as Speaker, triggering fresh elections. The Speakership is up for grabs to any eUK Citizen but only MPs may vote. You can publicly declare your candidacy or drop me a message.

The role of the Speaker is to open and coordinate Congress, and (gently) moderate discussion to stay on topic. Part of this is encouraging MPs to engage in debate rather than immediately putting things to vote, where they will fail.

Resistance Hero Medals

We are deliberately losing our direct battles with Chile and Hungary; a day after the region has been conquered it becomes available to RW. We will (usually) win this so grabbing one of the 10 slots can be a bit cutthroat - keep an eye on posts and on the region’s cooldown.

As for anything else, bare with me as I try and remember what I’ve forgotten again…


Off to a good start...