End of Term

Day 4,430, 00:18 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by 10 Downing Street

Fellow citizens!

It has been a great honour and my pleasure to serve as your Country President this month. As my term ends, it is time has come to step back for a short rest and to recharge my batteries!

We have continued the consolidation of our recovery from the dark days in the middle of 2019, when our community was under full assault from a political take over attempt, followed by periods without a Congress or under occupation without suitable compensation.

We negotiated a difficult treaty under the Presidency of Sir Humphrey Appleby and have spent my term ensuring that the treaty arrangements were bedded down and implemented.

I wish to thank the members of my Cabinet, Apples, MattScazza, Huey George, JiminyChristmas and Keithunder, as well as UKs Finest, who continued to work indefatigably in his plenipotentiary role despite RL commitments, helping to ensure that battles went according to plan and keeping much of the available gold from these battles in eUK hands.

It appears that Sir Humphrey Appleby has won a narrow victory in the Country President election and I wish him well as he takes back the burden of office from me! I also thank mwcerberus for giving us a close and free election and a promising turnout.

Of my program before being elected, I am pleased to report the successful introduction of the Air Rank Incentive Scheme and commend it to the new Administration for further development.

I hope to continue as an active participant in the eUK community and help us maintain our independence and build our effectiveness.


Country President