Day 4409 - Update and new Training Wars

Day 4,409, 01:02 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by 10 Downing Street

Fellow citizens!

Despite some interference from both external and internal elements seeking to sabotage our agreement with CODE and Andes we are now entering a new phase. Now we will have regular battles and training wars and not have to hold our damage except in special cases.

Training War with Hungary

We now have in place a Training War with Hungary in our regions of East Midlands and South East of England. We will win the approved Resistance Wars and we will allow Hungary to win the direct battles.

Coming Training War with Chile

A Declaration of War is before the Chilean Congress and this will pass at around 1230 eRep time today. Shortly after that, Chile should attack one of our regions (most likely South West of England) and will begin moving through our regions until they reach the final locations for the Training War. We must let them win these battles. Once the final locations are held, we will backfill the regions along Chile’s path and then begin the Training War. You will be advised in a further article when this begins.

Importance of following orders

It is essential that you avoid fighting in battles where Hungary and Chile are meant to win and put your efforts into our designated Resistance Wars or in the alternative battles that will be set in the National MU, the RAF.

We also encourage people to make full use of the air rounds in our designated Resistance Wars. Every rank up by known loyal citizens will be rewarded and you get the advantage of fighting without paying for weapons! A separate article will be posted to allow citizens to claim the rewards.