Announcement of the candidacy for President of the country

Day 4,408, 15:29 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Zoran Milanovic.
Let's do our best to live in a more normal Switzerland!

I'll point to the thief. Corruption is a nice name for what a people call a thief, it's a passion and greed to be taken from someone else, to be taken from the common box office. I'll change that. By attitude, garda, shouting when needed, but not by fist banging on the table, not forming illegal shadow governments.

My most powerful weapon will be my speech. That's what the president has, and if he doesn't, nothing helps him. I will be a kind of ombudsman of Switzerland, her people, citizens. This is where the president can most - warn about the problems of the little man living off work.

Anti-fascism is not an ideology, it is resistance. My ideology is the ideology of the weaker.

Swearing has become the normal discourse of Swiss politics, swearing in Parliament, this is the new normal we must fight. Just so you persistently, get bored, sweat while the skin shoots, as the Svadbasi sing, in this fight we must not waver.You know that my character sometimes satirizes my back like a millstone and dislikes everyone. But without character there is nothing.

I am here, I have the will, the desire, the passion and the love for my country and I will be your PRESIDNET WITH CHARACTER.

'To no one with malice, to everyone with good faith and good intentions. Cheers and see you in a better Switzerland! '

Your future President,

King Philip