eIreland CP | Weekend Update

Day 4,406, 07:58 Published in Ireland Ireland by Rusty D

Greetings eIreland,

I hope this article see's you all well and gearing up for the festive season. As promised, I wanted to give you, the citizens a update on what has been happening for eIreland.

Dáil Éireann

Congress has been semi quiet with not much being raised by the congress members. The main topics being raised will be touched on further in this article (New TW and New Concession).

Whilst Congress messages are limited to congress members, if anyone of our citizens want to raise a topic or ask a question, please feel free to pop me a PM.

eIreland Aircraft Program

As hinted at in the shout box, I will be updating the Aircraft Program to include a food drop as well. This has come about due to wanting to do more for a budding aviators and realising the amount of energy that they spend in doing there hits.

Whilst I am still trying to sort out the amount of energy that will be given away, I plan on using the same formula as we do for the payment, ie. x amount of food per hit, with a cap limit. Hopefully I can come up with a workable margin, however I would like feedback once it is rolled out, so we can ensure we give the best to our pilots.


eIreland was approached by another government in regards to opening a new concession. This offer was well received by congress, when Warhboy presented it to them.

Your government has given feedback back to the other government and we are awaiting their response. If they do decide to go ahead with it, I will propose the law and also do a law proposal article going into more detail.

Training Wars and Real Wars

eIreland was approached by eUkraine with a new TW proposal. This would of been conducted on our core regions. This proposal was presented to congress and was turned down. While the idea of another Training War is good, having it on our cores could be problematic as it will limit our local producers and will effect other aspect of eIreland.

In regards to a Real War, I have been in discussion with some of our allies with a list of targets that I would like to look at. Once we narrow down the list to a potential target (taking into account how our actions could effect things on a bigger scale, as well as our fire power), I will be presenting these targets to Congress for their thoughts on it.

1st Christmas Giveaway

Well time for the first Christmas Giveaway... the details will be provided on the actual day of the draw, after all Christmas is about surprises 😛 so if you want in, any Irish Citizen who endorses this article will receive a ticket based on the endorsement value. The winner will be randomly drawn for the comp.

Well as I said, it will be a quick wrap up of things to come. Whilst my cabinet is not finalised, if you would like to join it and help out, please pop me a PM.

Wishing you all a pleasant day.