Anyone mind giving a history lesson

Day 4,404, 21:11 Published in USA USA by LordOther

I haven't played this game since probably 2013/2014 with a TINY bit in 2016. So I am curious what I missed out and if anyone would be willing to give me a history lesson cause some of my last memories of this game was like the PTO of AMP and I believe the ending of TWO.

So yeah if anyone can be bothered do you mind giving an update of any major stuff that happened. Like USWP isn't in the parties, and AMP is almost non-existant (which makes my old AMPer side sad). Anything about alliances, and who we are now friends with and enemies with (ie. is Serbia still our enemy). I saw Indonesia is the new highest populated where I always remember that being Serbia. What happened to certain players (Glove/Gloveislove, Ajay, Pfieffer, Gnilraps, Fingerguns, Evry, Israel Stevens, Shiloh13, Mister Y these being the BIG names that I remember but not the complete list) anyone and everyone cause I can go to their profile and see dead, banned, online, offline but that won't help me figure out what's happened.

If most of yall don't care, that's understandable because I'm asking for a recap of like the last six year so. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯