[guide] Hunting the elusive Guide or The Gold Must Flow

Day 4,404, 16:51 Published in USA USA by Count del L Snowflake

Editor's Note; I propose a publishing guild, whose purpose would be to promote proposals to the Plato Foundation; The Gold Must Flow!

The BEST first;

Clopo, dated yes, but the absolute best guide to fun in this game.

Quick search of youtube, and google yields. Well guides are not so elusive. Is it really that hard for the Plato foundation to see the benefit of such guides and aggressively seek competitions to create circuit ones?

On that theme, address training grounds and the quarter million gap in strength. My idea, do away with training grounds and introduce perception already, benefit = pay cc per strength, curve it as badly as the VISA players demand, but do it!

I wanted to challenge Discord and the Telegram crowds to an activity feud during the comments of my latest article. But, Telegram is refusing the code sent to my phone, so they lose before I can even challenge them. Sorry 😦