Update Day 4404

Day 4,404, 03:16 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by 10 Downing Street

Edit: 0145 hrs Day 4405

The Argentina v Hungary war in East of England is in its final stages. We are queued to attack after that campaign ends. It will also be won by Hungary. We are about to start a Resistance War in South East of England, which we are to win and Daily Orders should be set for that Campaign when it starts.

Edit: 1400 hrs Day 4404

We have a slight delay in the attack on East of England due to Argentina jumping in first. We are still queued to attack after that campaign ends. It will be won by Hungary. In the meantime, focus on the Resistance War in West Midlands.

Greetings, fellow citizens!

As we are about to enter a new phase of the agreement with CODE and Andes, it is time to give you an update.

We have now achieved stability of friendly occupiers in Scotland and London, which is permitting decent earnings for company holders in those regions at long last.

We are about to begin swapping regions with Hungary, prior to establishment of regular training wars with them. Congress is voting on the Natural Enemy declaration against Hungary, which is to give us a 10% damage bonus in the coming battles with Hungary and to allow me to initiate the attack later today.

Today’s wars will involve our attack on East of England, which we are meant to LOSE, together with a Resistance War in West Midlands (against Turkey), which we are meant to win. The process of seeking support for the resistance war has already begun but ideally should coincide with the attack on East of England.

Please remember to fight in the Resistance War and NOT the East of England battle.

Tomorrow, the focus will shift to East Midlands, which we are to lose to Hungary, concurrent with a Resistance War in South West of England.

Future moves will be announced closer to the time of action.

Battle Orders will be set for the Resistance Wars while they are current.

As a separate development, we are about to initiate an Air Ranking incentive scheme, to encourage loyal citizens with Air Ranks up to Chief Master Sergeant to rank up. Details will be announced in the next couple of days, once the logistics of the process is determined.