[eRoC MoFA]Training war announcement with ePortugal /[eRoC外交部]訓練戰公告

Day 4,403, 04:15 Published in Republic of China (Taiwan) Republic of China (Taiwan) by Thea Papoulias

English vision:
Dear all nations, allies and friends.
Let me introduce myself, I am Thea, MoFA this month.

I am happy to bring the news we will have a brand new training war with ePortugal. We are highly appreciate that Portugal invite us to their core to do some training war.
Thank you very much!

The Following treatment is for eTaiwan and eProtugal.

1. The training war's form is ping-pong.
2. Training war is between Algarve and Alentejo.
3. eTaiwan will conquest Algrave and win all the battle against Algarve.
4. eProtugal will win all the battle against Alentejo.

Thank you for reading!

MoFA of eTaiwan,
Thea Papoulias