[MoF] New Housing Program - Introduction

Day 4,402, 13:57 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Ministerie van Economische Zak

Greetings, citizens of Netherlands,

we continue to support the housing program called Everyone a House! The eNetherlands will offer every eligible citizen an opportunity to receive a discount on Quality 1 or 2 House once a week!

This month, there will be a huge change incoming for the program, designed by Fmcv, who has been managing similar program in Portugal. First of all, you will no longer receive one free house per month, but instead, you will have a chance to get discount on requested housing each week. This more fulfills the spirit of the program to allow citizens using their housing all the time!

How will the math work? This might seem a bit complicated, but do not worry - we will have an easy example below with actual numbers.

Each week, Government will purchase houses for market price, and posts an offer from EZ org to NL housing market. There will be offered discount (the size of the discount will vary based on the budget, currently we use 10% discount for Q2 houses, and 20% discount for Q1 houses) to anyone fulfilling the criteria written below. If you buy (and screenshot) a house from the EZ org offer, and you fill a short form correctly, the government will send you your discount after receiving the data.

Example: Price of Q1 house on the market is 6 000 cc. EZ org will post an offer on NL market for 7 000 cc per house and offers 20% discount (20% of 6 000 cc = 1 200 cc). If you buy the house from EZ org and fill the form, MoF will send you back 1 000 cc (a difference between market and EZ price) + 1 200 cc (discount) = 2 200 cc total. Therefore, the final price of your bought house will only be 4 800 cc.

Below are written the official rules of new program in bullet points, as will be posted every single week:

In order to be eligible for a discount, you need to satisfy basic few criterias. Remember, you can apply for both houses, if you fulfill all criteria!

Q1 house

1. You have been using the Q1 Housing on your own.
2. You gain on average 75XP per day (usually judged based on last week).

Q2 house

1. You have been using the Q2 Housing on your own.
2. You gain on average 250 XP per day (usually judged based on last week).

Cases of IK users will be judged separately!

If you fulfill the necessary requirements (you can check so on this page: https://erepublik.tools/en/society/citizen), you can proceed with application for the discount.

1. The Government will post offers with Q1 and Q2 houses on our market weekly from EZ org.
2. You purchase the house(s) you want from EZ offer, and make a screenshot of each of your purchase (= 2 screenshots, if you buy both Q1 and Q2 house), similar to the following picture

(recommended to use the following site for easy upload https://prnt.sc/ )

3. You fill out short form: https://forms.gle/onN5wucRJQ3LPmNS9
4. The Government will send you a subsidy, if you fill all the information correctly.

For all the questions and concerns about the form and program, please contact Fmcv or Janty F directly in-game, or on Telegram!

Please use this time to test the form itself, or ask for further details regarding making screenshots, etc. We plan to start the first week of the new program (prbably on Wednesday, so you have atleast 24 hours to read the rules and test things)!

* The handing out of Subsidies will be noted down in the 'Finance Sheet'.

Minister of Finance

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