MEME COMPETITION - Final results

Day 4,402, 06:27 Published in Romania Romania by Clopoyaur
With a certain delay for which I appologies, here are the final results of the MEME Competition for the 12th Erepublik Anniversary.

But first, here are some clarifications about the process of establishing the winners.

The score for each meme consisted of:
* 50% the vote of the players
* 20% the vote of Plato
* 15% my personal vote
* 15% the votes for the article with the MEME in Erepublik.

Player votes: For each valid (complete top 5) vote points were awarded as follows: 7p for No.1, 5p for No.2, 4p for No.3, 3p for No.4 and 2p for No.5.
The best score was considered as 100% and the rest of the MEMEs got points as percentages of the best score.
*There were a few identical votes, which were disqualified because I consider voting a matter of preference not a military unit discipline.

Plato vote: The top 10 preferences of Plato got 100 points, 90, 80 and so on until the last place (10th) which got 10 points

My personal vote: Same rules applied for my vote

Votes for the MEME article: Each articles vote was compared with the article with the most votes and the result was a percentage of that.

The FINAL SCORE was obtained by pondering each section with the percentages explained at the start.

Everything can be seen in details in this sheet:

So, here are the best MEMEs, top 6:

6th PLACE and 10 gold from Plato goes to:
MEME No.10 - Prince of Austria:

5th PLACE and 20 gold from Plato goes to:
MEME No.5 - Odan:

4th PLACE and 30 gold from Plato goes to:
MEME No.16 - Maine Coon:

3rd PLACE and 50 gold from Plato goes to:
MEME No.4 - Miguel Soprano:

2nd PLACE and 100 gold from Plato goes to:
MEME No.18 - eBitzu:

1st PLACE and 200 gold from Plato goes to:

Congrats to all participants! It was an awesome competition. See you next time and on Clopoyaur TV