Generation _ aint doing too well

Day 4,402, 05:02 Published in Ireland Ireland by Releasethe Krakken

Lets face it your either eRich or your ePoor and there is no eMiddleground.

if your a eMillenial an account younger than a year you dont have to much troubles. After all you want to spend money on is eKrak.

ekrak is absolutely free and delivered to your doorstep with your morning ? (whatever eMillenials drink in the morning)I would suppose some kind of non diary /non sugar /non taste plegh.(a wheatgrass smoothie i think its called)

The problem seems that many players with older accounts were taught one motto
eStrenght train each day. Which they and most other eAccount dutifully did.

But as time progressed STRENGTH the variable became more and more meaningless in battles.

I am stronk became a joke... One need to be more to be top

Yes certainly you still can daily get 1 medal. But with the top 100 fighters now having an entry requirement of 6 billion. i dont think most non visa players still reach top 100 at any given day.

Ofc I could correlate this with real life we all know however that is just an optical illusion created by Plato to keep us entertained so that our Brains dont fry from playing the game too much.

Shiny Happy People

atleast we had the best music though 🙂