Fed. Dep. of Education (09/12/19)

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Hello eSwitzerland! Sethesin here. We have our December Government all set up; Congress Members, Ministers, Committee Members and finally a new eSwiss President, the 102st Country President of eSwizerland *drum roll*

I would like to extend my best wishes to the 101st, the one and only tef1 who did a fantastic job leading eSwitzerland as I'm sure his venerable successor Tim Buctu will too.

President Tim Buctu has seen fit to continue my role as Minister of Education. I am of course very grateful for both the opportunity and the confidence shown. So without further ado I present eSwitzerland's new Government to the eSwiss public.


Country President Tim Buctu

Prime Minister/Country Advisor Rican

Minister of Defense Terry Benedictt

Minister of Foreign Affairs BlackbeardX

Governor Vincent Rekdal

Minister of Education Sethesin

Citizenship Committee

- Iviz Fer
- Newt Scamander
- Daree III
- Terry Benedictt
- Rican (Country Advisor)

Congress Members

The Lugangeles Libertarian (Center, Libertarian)

- Tim Buctu
- Vincent Rekdal
- Newt Scamander
- Liakouris
- Deathstroke Sylar

Swiss Social Democratic Party (Center-right, Libertarian)

- 333oraNNN
- Daree III
- SendoM
- RedBarbarian
- AquaVuk
- Mistral Raccoon
- King Philip

Swiss Freedom Party (Center-left, Libertarian)

- Rican
- chris jonadicus
- lviz Fer
- dan quijote
- Hygge
- thrakiwths55

Alliance Royale Suisse (Center-right, Libertarian)

- Terry Benedictt
- Rockerul
- lnverus
- Bombooo
- the Kaya

Ad Hoc Party (Center, Anarchist)

- Sethesin
- Cat Sith

So that's the December eSwiss Government Census. In a game as old and storied as eRepublik it's hard to recruit new players. Your better half, family, friends, workmates and other assorted acquaintances either already play, tried it and didn't care to continue or flat out didn't like it etc. etc. My goal as Minister of Education this term is to try organise a Christmas/Winter Competition that has game wide reach, similar to the Halloween Competition run in the eNetherlands.

The goal isn't so much to recruit new players, but to reach out to the ones we have; take their eye off the big red button, BH/SH medals for a moment and share together stories about the game itself. Stories from when the game was brand new, stories when it was at it's highest peak and stories that meant the most to you, reading this, stories that kept you playing. I'll have more details soon.

If you'd be interested in joining the project, message me

Until next time folks, Swiss here, Swiss there, Swiss everywhere...