[Debate] 4th Q7 State Commune

Day 4,401, 12:43 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by UNL Congress

Greetings, citizens of Netherlands,

The Government requested the following debate be opened

To increase the amount of weapons created for our military programs and our soldiers, we would like to use the money left unspent after Black Friday event in order to purchase another Q7 state weapon company. The company will be hosted together with the 3rd Commune owned by the DAF Commander Shawtyl0w, based on the exact same conditions.

The approximate costs would be around 1 150 Gold.

We want an accord of Congress for this extraordinatry expenditure.

Results of the vote

Yes: 13
No: 7
Neutral: 6

The proposal has been accepted.

Janty F and Shawtyl0w
CoC Team