eIreland CP | A Quick Hello

Day 4,401, 08:40 Published in Ireland Ireland by Rusty D

Greetings eIreland,

First of all, thank you for voting me in as your CP for December. I hope that I can reward your trust in me and bring you a term that has more successes then failures... well I hope for no failures 😛

This will be a quick article, just touching base on a few items, but hopefully I will be able to get into a more detailed article in the coming few days.

Dáil Éireann

Hopefully by tomorrow I will have started a new message thread for all the Congress Members. I am currently awaiting two people to accept my friend requests. Whilst our message thread will allow an open discussion on topics at hand, I understand that members of the public who are not in Congress might be interested in knowing what is happening.

With this in mind, I will be doing a recap of congress discussions for the general public. But please note, that some items might not be able to be broadcasted publicly due to national security ie. eIreland planning a war or reclaiming the North.

eIreland Aircraft Program

As spoken about in my CP Manifesto, I would like to continue the eIreland Aircraft Rank Program. This program is designed to reward Irish fighters who fight in air battles and increase their air strength/rank. Whilst the program started off strongly, in the past few months a few people have left eIreland, which in turn resulted in a lower amount of people taking part.

I would like to formally ask Party Presidents, Military Unit leaders, to help beat the drum and advertise this great program to their members. This program helps young players by rewarding them with cold hard cash, it helps eIreland develop a stronger air force, which then can be used in the Air Battle rounds. I will soon give a direct PM to those players I see that are hitting in air battles, but missing out on their cash prize, but with the MU commanders and PP leaders, your help would be appreciated.

Manufacturers of eIreland

As we all know, Training War's are great for our fighters. They allow people to gain True Patriot medals/cash, battle hero medals etc. For the Manufacturers, it helps you sell your products on the market, fighting means a need for weapons, as well as food to fuel the energy. But we also know some times Training War's can be bad for our countries producers. When eIreland enters a TW with another country, some of our big factory owners suffer due to not being able to work in that country.

With this mind, I would like all of our countries producers to please PM me with the countries they have their holding companies in and how many factories are located there. This way, when your government looks at future wars/training war's, we can try and avoid any loss of production for you.

Training Wars

As you all know, we currently have 1 active training war. That is with our friends Finland. Your government is looking at keeping this training war going on for the December term. Whilst this Training War serves as a good way to earn medals and increase our people wealth, we all have the hunger for a real battle.

With this in mind, I will be raising with Congress the idea of an actual battle. However, I will not rush into a war which we can not win, but I will ensure, when the time comes to go down this path, we are ready to taste victory.

Christmas fun and giveaways

I have plans to run 3 Christmas themed giveaway/comps. However for each of these, there will be a strict application process. So if you want to get involved, keep an eye out for the Christmas papers and register to join in on the fun.

Well as I said, it will be a quick wrap up of things to come. Whilst my cabinet is not finalised, if you would like to join it and help out, please pop me a PM.

Wishing you all a pleasant day.