12 days of Christmas Giveaway Info

Day 4,401, 06:46 Published in Canada Canada by Mann551

This is an article describing the upcoming 12 days of Christmas giveaway!

For 12 days, there will be giveaways. I will post an article each day, and then the next day, by way of random number generator, I will pick people who commented on the article to give things away to.

The 12 days of Christmas giveaway will begin with the first day on December 13th, and run each day continuously until the 24th. The last giveaway day will be the 25th, from the article posted on the 24th.


Each day, a new prize will be added, while all the days previous will be given out over and over again. For example, the first day has a giveaway of 1,000 cc. This amount will be given out every day the contest runs, meaning in total, 12 people will win 1,000 cc prize.

This also means that there will not just be 12 winners, but in fact there will be 78 winners of the course of the 12 days, so make sure to come back each day for your chance to win.

The prizes will be as follows:

1st day of Christmas: 1k cc. Total value: 12k cc
2nd day of Christmas: 10 Q7 weapons. Total value: 16,500 cc
3rd day of Christmas: 2k cc. Total value: 20k cc
4th day of Christmas: 3k cc. Total value: 27k cc
5th day of Christmas: 5 golden gold. Total value: 40 gold
6th day of Christmas: 20 Q7 weapons. Total value: 21,000 cc
7th day of Christmas: 5k cc. Total value: 30k cc
8th day of Christmas: 25 Q7 weapons. Total value:18,750 cc
9th day of Christmas: 10k cc. Total value: 40k cc
10th day of Christmas: 50 Q7 weapons. Total value: 22,500 cc
11th day of Christmas: 50k cc. Total value: 100k cc
12th day of Christmas 150k cc. Total value: 150k cc

Overall total value: 457,750 cc and 40 gold
457,750 cc breakdown: 379,000 cc and 525 Q7 weapons