The Highest Office

Day 4,401, 01:01 Published in USA USA by hcmadman

Date: 1:00 Day 4401
By: Hcmadman

What is the highest office in the land?

A matter to ponder indeed

Many will have their own thoughts and disagreements to this question, here I will present my own.


Many would tend to think the oval office is the highest calling in this game, I disagree.

For if one proves unfit for the office he may be swept aside by congress in favor of one more suited to the rigors of foreign and domestic administration.
For this reason the CP is hardly the most important position in politics.


Then perhaps the ones who hold the final authority over the president?
Could congress be the most important cog in our political apparatus?

I say no again, for in a standard session a single bad congressman has 39 other cohorts ready to mend his shortcomings.
If anything congressmen are more expendable than a president, as a single misfiring spark plug does not halt an engine, so the machine of government plods along with one or two duds.

So then, what is this elusive office?

Party President!

The office of party president is the highest office this game has to offer IMO, if you are a crap CP you can be impeached, if you are crap in congress there are normally 39 others to pick up the slack, but there is no way to fix a crap PP.

PPs provide the bedrock of our political system, they are the ultimate authority in administering their parties and putting forth candidates for other offices. If they fail in this duty their party will falter.

Simply put a few bad PPs can ruin the game faster than any other force.
The importance of such a pivotal role can not be understated, CPs and Congressmen advance or fall based on the actions of these few stewards.

It is therefore with great reverence and humility that I embark upon the path to this great charge, I hereby announce my candidacy for party president of the SFP.