Fly me to the moon!

Day 4,400, 17:18 Published in USA USA by chickensguys
Training Wars
Last month, we were able to increase our number of training wars from eight to fourteen. Despite some being nervous about the management and some initial hiccups, our TWs are generally going according to plan and are a source of gold and True Patriot CC for our citizens. I am looking to increase the number of TWs that we have by a couple more, so stay tuned!

Airstrike laws
Both the United Kingdom and Portugal voted down their AS laws on eUSA yesterday. It seems to be a new trend in eRepublik that countries propose laws repeatedly and not vote until the last few hours. This gives them the element of surprise and normalizes an otherwise dangerous threat! The eUnited States stands ready with our allies in CODE and ANDES to thwart any attack on our territorial integrity. Some keen observers will also notice that we have used our airstrike law and DoW law in similar ways. Congress will be kept updated on the needs of our alliance and our operational requirements.

Minister of Defense, zrtx, is working with Congress to restart the Fly-by-Prio program. I am banned from the eUS forums and cannot participate in the Congressional discussions, but I’d like to say that in the current state of the game, when Asteria is making a come-back after months of dominance by CODE nations and doing especially well in air, we need a program to assist American Air Fighters rank up quickly and efficiently as we continue assisting our allies across the battlefields.

President of the eUnited States of America