[flake] Chickensguys 4 Plato Fountain or Let the GOLD flow

Day 4,400, 04:54 Published in USA USA by Count del L Snowflake

Yes, I demand reforms and urge you to do the same as well. Chickensguys for Plato Foundation Board!, Let the GOLD flow!

The purpose; Plato’s fortune is legendary – some even say it’s endless! This project gets finances from Plato and distributes them to players who stand out in helping the eRepublik community. The Plato Foundation can provide gold for individual players, or fund programs meant to help larger numbers of players. Anything to help the community!

Anything! What has that bored board done lately? If they published an article, I missed it. Just look at the love Chick got with his demand that Plato do better; Dear Plato, do better. votes 474, comments 277.

Let the GOLD flow, Chickensguys for Plato Foundation Board. How is he not the most qualified for the position?

One of his first reviews, will be my request for funding to offer bribes for other players to become involved in the media. Personally I haven't kept up with the changes window 10 has brought to publishing, like why can I not post images from my facebook account anymore, this question and others will come with a reward (if funding comes through) for helping produce a current guide for a more spectacular experience.

A guide that helps explain how Plato gives you energy storage and recovery at a high level, then pulls away excessive storage after a week but leaves the recovery for an extra week, so that your storage refills in less than an hour, and how if you leave the game your losing ... oh, of course there is a fix, your VISA to buy more energy storage.

Let the GOLD flow, Chickensguys for PLato Fountain

Just how would the community explain to a new player why the game slowed down so drastically after the anniversary event?