Inaugural Message

Day 4,400, 01:54 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by 10 Downing Street

Good morning, fellow citizens!

First, I wish to thank you for electing me as your Country President. I have huge shoes to fill and aim to build on the really solid work done in the last term.

We have a chance now to rebuild our country and community strength so that next time more powerful countries come calling, we can operate from a position of greater strength.

Our agreement with CODE and Andes has left us with regions and an economy and we will use that to continue our recovery.

I now confirm my Cabinet as follows:

vCP – Sir Humphrey Appleby
MoD –Jiminy Christmas with help from Cabinet and the MU leadership
MoFA – Matt Scazza
MoE – Keithunder
Treasurer ("Governor") – Huey George
Special Minister of State: Ulster's Finest

Our national MU, the RAF, and orders given to the unit will reflect Government policy and our agreement obligations. I have now moved across to the national MU to hold one of the leadership positions for the duration of my term.

I have put to Cabinet my thoughts on developing our newer and less advanced players. We will look at tutorials to assist people to understand how to place their factories to the best advantage and develop them. I have also proposed a form of award structure for ranking up in air power over junior levels. A new welcome message for new citizens will encourage their patience while learning the best way to build up their participation and capacity within eRepublik.

We can only succeed if we work together. I ask those who seek to take over our community from within to refrain and to work with us. Loyalty will be rewarded and sabotage never accepted.

Looking forward to a great month for our country!