Victory as trouble brews?

Day 4,399, 10:55 Published in USA USA by chickensguys
Yesterday, we won reelection by almost a hundred votes. It was a victory for honest people, a victory for ordinary people, and a victory for you. We accomplished this through hard work and professionalism. Over the past 24 hours, tons of very kind messages have been pouring. It’s truly fantastic to see. I would like to thank all of you from the depth of my heart for re-electing me.
Thank you again!

United Kingdom
Upon my re-election victory the eUnited Kingdom proposed an Air Strike on the eUnited States. If this airstrike passes, the NAP between the eUnited Kingdom and CODE will be void and we will absolutely annihilate the eUnited Kingdom. We supported the NAP between the eUnited Kingdom and Code so this is truly insulting, even if it was done to jest.

The Portuguese also proposed an Air Strike on the eUnited States. We stand ready to defend and work with our allies against this threat and will respond accordingly as the situation develops. ePortugal is a nation with whom we have shared several good times, including wiping the nasty double-Spaniards many, many times, but now they’re in our opposing alliance, Asteria. They also attempted to wipe the Irish last month, another great ally of the eUnited States, whom we gave refuge in the glorious but often rainy state of Oregon, so my feelings on Portugal are a bit mixed.

President of the eUnited States of America