[CP] A Time and Place For Everything

Day 4,399, 06:07 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Het Catshuis

Dear citizens of the eNetherlands,

With only a few more hours remaining of my 2-months Presidency, I thought it would be useful to look back and review the direction the Netherlands has been going for so long. Much has been achieved; or rather, it was the culmination of months of hard work by a collective of forces from all parties across the board. Our damage potential can come to realization with the signing of Training Wars with Germany, Lithuania and Latvia in addition to the pre-existing TW with Poland. With the liberation of Iran, our concessions too have been restored.

The Netherlands has truly utilised all that could be gained by the events and our damage and activity has significantly surged. During Black Friday, we all realized the need to invest and while the jury is still out on this, productivity and income has shown promising signs so far. We attempted to help Spain last month and while our small size and concerns by some over that doesn't always allow such things to happen more often, we have significantly showed our damage in allied battles, in campaigns ranging from Portugal, Macedonia and Lithuania.

The Netherlands has seen a promising increase in the number of fighters and the damage they provide. Obviously inflated by the recent events, some more long-term trends may be observed. Earlier I posted on the concerning lack of high-ranked fighters. Since then we have seen people like 911mic, Ch4nce and Rainy Sunday joining the Dutch Weekstrom battalion. Others, like Van der Kaczy, myself, Zeeuwmeisje, Jordic69 and others are improving fast from their Titan ranks.

This is a great progress and we can only hope it is to be maintained even when all the bonuses from the event run out. It is also quite the change from our situation last summer, in which the programs of the Flying Dutchman and the Green Beret were introduced. Provided we all keep improving so much, these Programs will need to be reviewed and adjusted for these circumstances. With the prospect of a longer-running concession deal with Iran, these Programs can be improved once again to remain consistent. The same goes for Housing, in which Janty F and Fmcv have made some great plans provided our finances keep doing so well.

The run-up to Black Friday has shown the eNetherlands being able to unite and consistently work on a long-term goal. Over months, large amounts of gold were saved and thousands were granted to Dutch citizens to invest in themselves. For the future, more comprehensive support programs (an expanded ''Build Your Own Stuff'') will be introduced to facilitate further improvement in our citizens.

Now, to refer to the title of the article, the Netherlands remains in a risky position. We hold a strategic position and do so even more when we actually provide damage or direct support to our allies in Asteria/Hydra. We have seen some interesting dynamics slightly changing the balance between CODE and Asteria, and we're happy to help relative to our small size. Some people would like to see us cower in fear of CODE and pretend to not exist, but that is not the line we take and I as Country President always intended to do so in a realistic manner. We may not always be able to do the most exciting stuff like the 'big boys', but we will not stand down like we've many others do in all kinds of 'treaties'. This game is already boring enough, and no one is gonna take a look for us if we stayed absent.

Kind regards,
Your Country President NoTie112