Christmas Lottery! 50K prize!

Day 4,399, 06:06 Published in Canada Canada by aFrost

Hey everyone!

Its time to get our Christmas spirit on. 🎄 🎁

So let's do that with a Lottery: 50K prize!

How to play:
- Each player can choose one number from 1 to 50, by commenting down below. Each number can only be assigned to one player, the first player to choose a number keeps it.

- The comment needs to be made until Tuesday 10, 11:59 PM (EST Timezone, UTC -5).

How the draw is made:
- The number will be the "Bonus number" in the 6/49 Lotto. If there's no winner found, then the winner is the first drawn number in the lottery and so forth, until a winner can be found.
- You can see the winner here: 6/49 Lotto and can follow the draw here: 6/49 YT Channel.

Check the chosen numbers here: Numbers!

Good luck to all!

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