[CP] Final note

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MattScazza’s standing instructions for the day

Morning again gents o/,

Thought I’d type up a closing article as we wait for the results to be confirmed - an obligatory congrats to wingfield on his first term; a strong and auspicious opening with every major party behind him. I hope you’ll join me in wishing him the very best of luck and a good runup leading us into 2020.

I’m sure there must be several as surprised as I am at having made it to the point I could even say that...

Can confirm it would never have been possible without a cabinet determined to force me out the pub (when necessary) - but also you mass of silly sods that had the temerity to play the enthusiastic counterpart to all and every annoying bit of spam we had to throw at you o7

Let us also not forget our brief holiday in DC - though ultimately resulting in defeat, it demonstrated how with great effort countries can still elect worse CPs than yours truly...

At least, I hope the month has been entertaining enough that this rare modus vivendi encourages more to dare for their first cabinet post in future terms to come.

Honestly no fear mate! MattScazza has done a brilliant job as MoFA this month and he was well and truly thrown in the deep end. Why not ask him for advice or a deputy role for next month?

We have a fragile opportunity to really make the most of our revived national MU and deal with our damage coordination. And for this I strongly encourage the rest of you to join us in the RAF and potentially even lend jiminy & alfa a hand at national command if you feel ambitious enough. It’s all greek to me...

Needless to say I’m well past my sell-by date and grateful to return to my usual coffin below... The CP uniform is well and truly falling apart and frightening the kids (according to last month’s manifesto at least…)

Surprise seems to have been a theme of this month, straight off the bat with the election itself. It has reminded me just how much I enjoy our delightfully insane community and our unwitting ability to pull together when we want to. Cheers gents!

I therefore look forward to you all joining me in a friendly raid/tax rebate on the BoE before I’m obliged to hand the keys over…



Time to doze off back in Reform where I belong…