[King] Nobles of the Netherlands 2

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Dear Lords and citizens,

It has been a while since we introduced the nobility in our country. Some of our people have been gone for a while now, so it is time for a reform! I hereby introduce to you the new system of nobility. There are still some titles left to be given away, some former oversea titular counties. If you would like to apply for one of these titles feel free to comment on this article! Also do not forget to show your support for our monarchy in the comments below! (Especially since I still have the Junior Journalist mission 😛)

King Kordak I, True King of the Netherlands


Northern Netherlands – Odan, 1st Duke of Groningen and the Northern Netherlands
Western Netherlands - ElGorro, 1st Duke of Amsterdam and the Western Netherlands
Eastern Netherlands - Weekstrom, 2nd Duke of Arnhem and the Eastern Netherlands
Southern Netherlands - Arcanic Mindje, 2nd Duke of Maastricht and the Southern Netherlands


Northern Netherlands:
Groningen - MaartenW, 1st Count of Groningen
Friesland - Tim Veltkamp, 1st Count of Friesland
Drenthe - blackpatje, 2nd Count of Drenthe

Western Netherlands:
Noord-Holland - djirtsdew, 1st Count of Noord-Holland
Zuid-Holland - Shawtyl0w, 2nd Count of Zuid-Holland
Flevoland - Van Der Kaczy, 2nd Count of Flevoland
Utrecht - Fhaemita The Apostate, 2nd Count of Utrecht

Eastern Netherlands:
Gelderland - Gwom, 1st Count of Gelderland
Overijssel – James Janeway, 2nd Count of Overijssel

Southern Netherlands:
Zeeland - Zeeuwsmeisje, 1st Countess of Zeeland
Noord-Brabant - Jacen.Solo, 2nd Count of Noord-Brabant
Limburg - europecrisseswar, 2nd Count of Limburg

Together we will defend the Kingdom from any treat outside or inside. We will stand a united front against the world and will defend our Kingdom and Democracy till the end!

Long live the Kingdom!

King Kordak I