swiss news: is e-pakistan.... GONE?!

Day 4,398, 19:35 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by chris jonadicus

Dear swiss people and friends, hello!

So today, i was wandering around and chilling in erepublik as usual, UNTIL...
i saw some people mentioning stuff about e-pakistan being in a strange state, and that the same thing happened to e-north korea and to an other e-country too...

i looked around and...

...e-pakistan is GONE!
it doesnt exist anymore.
not in the rankings, nor in the population ranks, not anywhere.
you cant even find it via the ''search'' function!

i bet dio is crying from e-heaven now, now that his glorious e-nation is gone.

but e-pakistan isnt the only ''erased'' nation:
e-north korea is gone too, with e-singapore being on the verge of extinction as well, as it currently has only 8 power as a nation, fewer economic items than a mid-tier player, and just ~29 people.

and one might ask, if e-pakistan, e-NK and another e-country is gone, then,
is e-singapore next?
in my humble personal opinion, perhaps they should add more quests in the game, and more e-nations in the game...
(such as san marino, monaco, andorra, mongolia, etc etc)

BTW, maximus sammitto wisely suggested to me that they should also add the e-countries of:
Gibraltar, Vanuatu, Belize and Micronesia, to name a few.

so yeah, the bottom line is:

-what happened to e-pakistan/e-NK/e-other nation?
-will they be back?
-what will be the fate of such small/innactive e-nations?
(will singapore be next?!)

and i personally believe that this game should add more things in it, instead of removing them.

with more quests, more features and with more (new) e-countries, this game can become awesome again.

thats all, feel free to comment and vote/subscribe on the comments.
lets see what happens next,

-chris j. swiss player.