The country named Rigelia

Day 4,398, 06:23 Published in Romania Romania by Sareena

Introduction: Rigelia is a fictional country name inspired by the name of the brightest star in the Orion constellation (Rigel). Everything that follows is fictional.
Chose to write this in English for personal reasons. Please be kind to me and to others in the comments section if you choose to say anything.

Rigelia is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet Aguterra. It was once one of the bigger powers as well... for a while.

In time people got used to the same environment and even became comfortable in their positions. Generation came and gone and rigelians started to forget that they did not end up at the top by pure luck and lack of effort. People easily forgot that the only way to stay at the top is by working together, sharing knowledge and resources and by helping each other grow and develop.

Soon enough though, old rival countries that they almost completely forgot about started to rise up from the ashes. At first timidly, making some issues here and there. But soon, Rigelia and its people realized that they are not the power that they once used to be and they might actually ... lose?! Shock and panic ensued.

Communities broken up. Armed forces split. Resources wasted in fighting divided, losing in small groups and focusing on different enemies. Each group was convinced they were in the right. Each group blamed the others for the lack of cooperation. Each group was willing to analyze and emphasize the faults in the others but none of them were willing to look withing themselves. There was plenty of blame to go around.

After all this time of being comfortable people forgot to work together. Forgot to share. Forgot to care. Forgot the reason they were on this planet.

What everybody seemed to be failing to grasp was the need for cooperation. The need for newer people to get involved into planning. The need for older generation that were lacking motivation to pass some of the knowledge and help younger people grow. The need for everybody to develop and grow not only a few. The need to fight together for a common purpose. The power to understand the one next to you and the willingness to work together to find a way for everybody to thrive.

And the saddest part was that what Rigelia lacked the most was communication. People were not only unwilling to share their view but just as much unwilling to listen. They only saw their point of view and did not make any efforts to try to view the problem walking in their peers shoes.

The only way for rigelians to move forward in a better direction seems to be by willingness to communicate and collaborate. It is only up to them. All of them!

It's just a story. Treat it accordingly and don't forget to prepare your boots in the window tonight. May Saint Nicholas find your home with ease! 🙂