Why RTK is the best option for CP

Day 4,398, 02:42 Published in Ireland Ireland by Releasethe Krakken

I briefly read through Rusty's manifesto.

Now I immediately spotted one major error he wants to make:

First off he says he wants to communicate with manafacturers about the effect training wars will have on them.

"Cannot work in area there is a direct war between country and your country of citizen"

No matter what you do, how you engage in warfare this is the message that will cut off all manufacturers in the USA.

This is like asking a person whether you can cut in front of him at a queue when you have already done it. if he says "NO" there is usually some kind of donkey excuse .

Then he says there is no transparency and not enough feedback from government.

Yes sure. But then again his party have had been in power for the majority of months this year.

Indeed we have a minister of community with no competitions for the community

We have a list of wars copied from our allies and with the timezones of our allies in it.

Congress threads barely have a pulse and flatline for days on an end.

We no longer pick a fight and fight until our last breath to defeat our enemies.

This has to do with the "always win mentality". In short, most players have no grit anymore. Most players don't grind towards results. Most players throw in the towel at the lowest level of adversity.

Buy your way to the top.

Granted this game has many flaws and in most cases, a young player don't have an old account to compete and then have to spend even more to level peg.

Granted we don't have to engage in every war and won't every war. So yes in some cases a TW is preferable.

Fight smarter not harder.

Yes we have a serious lack of coordination in almost every aspect of this game.

This is why if you want to fight in our vineyards, fields, cattle enclosures and greenhouses where we grow our vegetables.

Its best to consider this list: https://www.erepublik.com/en/main/rankings-countries

Stop being predictable and always picking the same fights with the same countries with always the same results.

Yes Rusty D even if you may win this election in which most players will vote along party lines is it necessary to play the same old stupid game.

if i do happen to win there will be

1. more activity....people often forget that online games need a lot of wheels spinning and engine noises to actually keep it entertaining.

2. you might actually know what goes on in all branches of government. I am not talking about a verbatim copy-paste of all discussions on the floor. hey, but why not inform the people of some topics and let them share their feedback.

3. finances .. where do we start? does anyone even still know what goes on in our finances. how much money goes to the Irish army for instance. I am not saying stop giving them money as I am not a proponent of senseless stockpiling of money but certainly there will be some giveaways that will include anyone that wants to have some money/food /weps.

4. grants --- a certain amount will be allocated towards citizen grants 200k to 500 k we will see once i am Taoseach what is available. . players can then apply for a once of grant of say 5000 to 10000 cc. There need not be much motivation as to why you need the money. this money can then be used by you and you don't need to pay it back.

5. active ministers ---- yes we want active ministers. every minister these days blame their inactivity on the game which is still the same basic game. i don't truly understand this sentiment. officials that are in my government will be required to hand in a report of their activity each week and will be required to put out an article once a week in non-critical positions. We need not divulge all of our battle plans. But hey explaining at least what active wars we are engaged in would help a lot. I am certain also that some activity from our ministers might also trickle down to the masses.

So at this moment, I don't have a cabinet once I am appointed I will appoint some whippersnappers to bring some activity back to our nation.

6. A small change in the status quo. Parties become dormant when long in power. They get stuck in repetition and doing things the same way. It is said that absolute power corrupts absolutely. So a small shake-up, although it might upset some people, is for the greater good of the country. Fighting for a position in every part of the government requires some activity as I stated we need a lot of activity.

Well hopefully some of you will vote for me if not I hope this dissuades Rusty D from his stupid plans in his manifesto.