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Day 4,397, 14:23 Published in Ireland Ireland by Rusty D

Greetings eIreland,

Well as you might of read, I have put my name in the hat for the upcoming eIreland CP elections. If you didn't realise I am running, please swing by this article by Release the Krakken: "Politicians cant solve every problem in the eWorld" (Also while your there, please vote for it... it has only 3 votes at the moment and one of them, is himself).

Well he is right... I was nominated to run for Taosearch (Hey Krak, just a little bit of education on game mechanics... the PP proposes the CP candidate... that PP was me, so instead of saying 'someone' you could say me... oh I did have the party backing for it), as well as being backed by my own party the Irish Republican Party, I have also been endorsed by the Irish Goats Party (Cheers guys).

So I guess it is time to do a little CP Manifesto....

RTK's thoughts about my manifesto

Well he was almost right.... but he did leave out a couple of major things...

Non-stop Youtube articles
Training War with the USA and Portugal

okay.... now that has triggered someone, it is time to be serious.

To be honest, eRep has changed quite a bit from the last time I was CP of eIreland. However, it is still a game that draws our interests and entertains us, so this term if I am elected as your CP, I will be looking at these main things for eIreland.

- The continuation of the Irish Air Program

- Communication with all major Irish producers to ensure their production is not effect by the TW's

- Christmas themed giveaway (Privately Funded)

- Potential real action with a proper war (needs to be confirmed with our allies)

- Actual feedback from government (something that has been lacking recently)

Granted this manifesto might seem kinda lacking compared to yesteryear, but I would be lying if I said the game was like it was back then. I still remember the days of proper battles, strategic planning with allies about war movements, the fun of almost wiping the UK when they back stabbed us in a TW.

But today's game is different and as such I will ensure that eIreland continues to grow strongly in the current gaming climate, but most of all, you the citizens enjoy your game play here in eRep.