Thank you all

Day 4,397, 13:01 Published in Albania Albania by LiLo1

After our bad moments the situation is going to be in the direction to be normal if we can say. Has arrived time to say thank you to all frends and to all who run fast to help us. Albanian should never forget who helped us and i would like to say thank you in them language.
Faleminderit vllaznit tone.

Grazie Italia

Teşekkürler Türkiye

Hvala Croatia
Efcharistó tin Elláda

Hvala Montenegro.
Thank you USA.
Blagodaram Severna Makedonija
Hvala Serbia

Multumesc Romania

Merci France.

תודה לך ישראל .
Danke Deutschland.
Merci/Danke/Grazie Suisse.
Hvala Slovenija.
Obrigado Brasil.
They are others countryes they also helped and u wuld like to say thank you iven to them if in this moment i don't remeber all.
Thank you

In this delicated moment it happened iven this :