[Debate] Mandatory Budget Information

Day 4,397, 11:07 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by UNL Congress

Greetings, citizens of Netherlands,

A new debate has been requested by Janty F:

It is a long standing practice of Dutch Governments to publish an article about our budget for each term. I believe it is a vital information for our citizens in terms of learning about our economical situation, as well as getting a general idea about how much expenses the Government will be able to afford on programs, etc. However, up until now, publishing such an information has been only voluntary, which can lead to situation that some ministers will not share this information transparently. I would like to prevent that. That's why I propose the following change to the Section III, Article 2, paragraph 1:

1. The budget of the Government of the eNetherlands cannot exceed the income of the previous month. The Government must inform citizens about the size of the budget at the beginning of each term. An additional budget can be awarded by congressional approval.

Janty F and Shawtyl0w
CoC Team