[Italy] How to ruin a game

Day 4,397, 03:00 Published in Italy Italy by corol

Hello everybody, I am corol, an Italian player whose only interest in this game is to have some fun all together; like the vast majority of you, that are reading right now.
It has been more than 1300 days since I wrote my last paper (I am so old...) but I do believe it is time to start writing again to open the eyes of many friends that are not aware of the dramatic situation in which Italy, my country, has fallen.

We are governed my Titan DC, SG of Asteria and megalomanic of huge proportions. He started taking the control over our community because, a year ago, we were having a sort of "political void" and, as it happens also in RL dictatorship, this parasite started to proliferate.
In few time he, with the help of the dictator ilKaiser, my old fiend and comrade of many governments, has taken control over our community.

By the acquisition of a huge number of accounts (according to our estimations they should be more than 50) he has been able to control the political elections of the past 6 months. Even if some of his fakes were found during an attempted TO to the opposition parties (Article) he and Kaiser are still buying accounts and giving them Italian citizenship, in order to enlarge their electoral supporters.
If you are interested, please take a look at the recent citizenship applications approved along these months.
On the other hand, citizens such as me or 132esimo Gruppo Buscaglia, are not allowed to come back to this country because we would provide support to the opposition.
We have not enough military power to overcome Titan's multi accounts, he bought the majority of our old tanks and he is using them according to his necessities.

It is noticeable that the majority of real accounts in Italy is against Asteria and would like to help his old friends of CODE and Andes in the war against Serbs and Romanians. At the same time, we would like to be free to elect our congress and our president without the utilization of fakes/multiaccounts, all governed by the same 3-4 people.
Italy is pissed of reading racist insults to other communities, Italy is tired of reading articles denigrating his allies.
This situation must come to an end.

So, and here I conclude, this article is a call to all our old friends, to Croatia, Chile, Greece, Turkey, Hungary, Albania, Argentina and all the others. Please, help us to free our country, help us to enjoy this game again.

Free Italy o7