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Disclaimer: The story, names, characters, and events portrayed in this article are fictitious. No animals were harmed in the making of this article.

In a few day, i will reach my 12th birthday in eRepublik. And in those 12 years, I've been playing intermittently. I think one of the main reasons is because the games repeats itself over time, and even if admins tried to introduce new features, the game has remained more or less the same for the last few years. When i came back in the beginning of the year, the only major change I've found in the game was the introduction of Air Battles, and i don't think that it was that much of a change. My idea with this article is to create a debate about new ideas to make the game more dynamic over time, being equally fun to all users, new or old.


And this is my first point: The game is not made for new users. If someone starts playing today, they will be overpowered by older accounts. Most of new users only login 1 time, after that they will never come back. I've tried to convince a few friends to play the game and the only ones that stayed, were the ones that have already played eRepublik in the past. With no mechanics to catch up, the game is stalling because there will be no more Tanks in the future, its impossible the way the game is made.

With this i introduce my first idea: Seasons.

eRepublik should have its own history, driven by what happens in the game - whats the citizens in the game do. Wars and Major Events should change the world, creating new dynamics:

- 💪 Strenght Caps: The idea is to make something similar to level cap in WoW expansions: every season strength caps at higher values. It can start at 280k, then next season at 290k and so on. So when you reach this point, you cannot train anymore. This mean we have now a catch up mechanic: New accounts can continue training the whole season and being able to, eventually, become relevant in the game.

- ⭐ Legends Reset: This is more arguable, but resetting all accounts back to Titan*** every new season allows more freedom: Citizens can choose to fight for a different country - its healthier than being stuck for the same country forever. Smaller countries, they can even hire 'mercenaries' to fight for them. With this we have another semi-catch-up mechanic, and some nice races to see who reaches first the new legends ranks. Of course this could imply some changes in the system - maybe smaller caps between Legends and some bonus for those who are currently high Legend rankings.

- 🛡️ Alliance Bonus: One of the major problems Legends introduced, was the almost uselessness of Alliances. With 200% Max Bonus for country, its almost worthless to fight for your allies - unless its an Air Battle. In order to bring back this dynamic, Countries in the same Alliance can win bonus over time, based on the damage they do in the Alliance battles. To prevent abuse, it should be impossible to DoW/NE/AS countries in the same Alliance. This would bring new dynamics in terms of Wars, specially Training Wars.


I could list more ideas, but i will stick with those 3 for now. Continuing with the Seasons idea, and to give a better picture how it could work in terms of storytelling (this game has so much potential.. but lacks on that), i created a small introducing to what i call

eRepublik Season 1: eVolution

In the last few Months, epic battles have devastated the world. Soldiers of CODE and ASTERIA have fought bravely, but in the end, there was no winner. The losses were already too big for both sides, the costs of war were already overloading many countries, making many armies to retract. Things seemed to be calming down, but one day everything changed.

Seismic Institute of Azores registers activity. 5 minutes later, more. 7 minutes later it continues. After one hour, over 65 reports lead to an obvious conclusion: Something is wrong.

After a few minutes, reports of the same events happening in other points of the Globe arrive: Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Falkland Islands.. Its not only in Azores. And then, the CrazyMadScientistPussyCat69 ears a loud BANG 💥, looks at the window and a gigantic structure, similar to a Volcano, rises from the water, not far from the Island. To the bewilderment of the scientist, it was not expelling lava, but some strange green glowing compound.

Shortly after, governments across the globe started to issue war orders: They must control the new territories before their enemies. Before sending an Air Strike to any of this new territories, they need to collect an insane amount of energy in order to be able to safely control and develop new technologies around the new compound.

All new zones start as neutral. First two countries to land on the same zone will fight against each other over the control of it. From the moment anyone controls any island, and since every country is so eager to control them, determination against the controller will rapidly increase over time.

Due to the nature of this new zones, the first round will be fought as an Air Battle, followed by 3 fast ground battles of 60 minutes each, winning each round the country that accumulates the most points by 60 minutes mark. Countries can queue up on attacking the controllers of the zone, allowing for non stop battles for the control of the new zones.

Each territory will give a different boost for the duration of the :
- Azores - Energy Regeneration Boost
- Japan - Energy Pool Boost
- Sri Lanka - House Energy Pool+Regen Boost
- Indonesia - Ground Hit Boost
- Falkland - Air Hit Boost

Who will conquer and control the new territories? Will any nation be able to control all 5 territories at the same time?


So this is a basic (and very bad written hehe) kick-off to my idea of eRepublik Seasons. Create new game mechanics and objectives, that allow more dynamic strategies and battles, with catch-up mechanics and boosts to empower every citizen and country, with a nice storytelling can that evolve with the actions on the game itself, making it fun for everyone. You can add continuity between seasons. Using my example, countries controlling the zones for more minutes can have specific rewards at the end of the season, or special boosts for the upcoming ones. There is a world full of possibilities to make this great game, into an even better one!

TLDR: I was bored today.