[MoF] Black Friday Aftermath

Day 4,396, 14:08 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Ministerie van Economische Zak

Greetings, citizens of Netherlands,

the Black Friday has ended, and therefore it is time to recapitulate the government spendings on the event.

As announced in the previous article, the Government has allocated 3 000 Gold for expenditure during Black Friday, after agreement with Congress. Out of this sum, 1 670 Gold has been claimed by 16 players (mostly for building new Q7 tank factories), together with budgetary expenditure of 505 Gold on Build your Stuff! program.

This means that more than 2 000 Gold has been invested into our players, and will be transferred to them in the upcoming weeks. However, there has still been some Gold left unclaimed, and the Government has been discussing it's potential use in the future. For now, we believe investing this Gold into building fourth state tank factory during next year is a viable strategic option, especially given the growing needs of Ministry of Defence in terms of Q7 tank expenditure. Naturally, we expect the next company discount will happen next November, therefore it is a plenty of time to polish out all details during year 2020.

Similarly, we expect the update of the Build Your Stuff program, due to the fact many Dutch producers have reached their limit in terms of applying for this subsidy. The government realizes the importance of investing into our economic base, and we would like to continue with it long-term.

To remind the citizens, third state tank factory has been also built during Black Friday in Shawtyl0w holdings, together with 5 rubber plantantions, based on the previous Congress agreements.

In the next few months we will observe the economical situation, expecting to see more weapons on the market from these new factories, as well as increase in Work Tax income, which should happen due to more factories being built. Naturally, the tax income will drop a bit due to the expected decrease in food and wepon prices, as well as decreased consumption of goods due to the end of event - however the effects of Black Friday should offset that, just as during last year.

All details about spendings on this program are recorded, as usual, in the Finance Sheet.

Minister of Finance

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