chickenguys for a second term, What?

Day 4,395, 21:14 Published in USA USA by Jenkins67

Last term chickenguys wanted to run as CP. I figured as WTP president, ok but he will not win. I thought maybe it will bring new members.

He gained traction. He was real. He was chickenguys being chickenguys. He barely won the election, but he won honestly. I was happy.

Hours before he won, his current opponent, proposed to form a shadow government in congress (eUSA forums). I do not know if it was to impeach him on day one or other dirty work.

The current president at the time (Derpy) called Dinnyin out on it. Which felt righteous (to me).

Congress (The eUSA forums) wanted to impeach Derpy, a couple days before his office ended.

chickenguys pardoned Dinnyin

If you have played the game in the last month, you have to admit CG's is giving us a reason to log on.

He has done his best to complete his campaign promises. (London turned at well after all).

Vote chickenguys to freshen up and make this a fun game.

Plus check out how legit WTP is becoming! We have a Whip and delegates and everything... 😛

Vote chickenguys.