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Day 4,395, 16:55 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Reginald Kray

Hi all

I'm Reginald Kray... most of you have probably never heard of me (That's fine) if you have... you'll know that there is nothing interesting to say anyway.

So I have decided to run for Country President of the eUK... why you ask? I feel maybe I can bring some new ideas to the ecountry and potentially liven it up a little.

A little about me. So I log into the game on a daily basis and enjoy all the political banter and military nonsense that this country has. I dream of the eUK being a stronger power that maybe... just maybe... controls a region or two that don't actually belong to us. I guess a good start would be owning the regions that actually do. I currently run the BMP political party and also the party's MU. Yes I'm a loner but I'm looking for friends.

What my aims as a CP would be.

1. You may be aware the eUK has now got an official MU. I would love for this to continue and the supplies to active fighters continue. I would like more to be offered to the more active members and also a priority set to new players as its always hard at the beginning. I would also like more cooperation between all Military Units so strikes could be more productive.

2. New players... well lets be honest, there isn't many of them now a days, we seem to get one or two a day who then leave the game after a week or so. I would like to offer more support to the new people with the aim to keep as many as possible playing the game. This would include simple advice from experienced players.. financial support eg - Houses, weapons and food.

3. This whole alliance thing is terrible. I would like to get the eUK either in an alliance or potentially forming a new alliance to stop the current bullying tactics currently in place by existing alliances. I would like to hold a vote as to what the country would like to do as a whole and then go from there. (Who knows, we handled brexit so well, it might work)

I cannot promise the world but I would give it my best go and hopefully a new face could make a difference. I wish all candidates luck and I hope to see many voters out.

Below are the links to both the BMP MU and the party itself. I will offer supplies that match the national MU and also welcome new members of the party who want to give politics a go. I will release an article tomorrow introducing the BMP.

BMP National Forces Join here

Join the British Militant party here

Reginald Kray